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March - 'Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me' - End of Month Discussion!

posted Mar 29, 2014 20:23:15 by CouldNeverDoThat
Oh Mindy, I feel I know you a little better, but I'm not sure how.

I found her book entertaining, but less bookish and more a compilation of short stories.

How did you find it?
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nia_andrade_ said Apr 04, 2014 22:53:59
I very much agree.

Whilst I enjoyed the book, it felt very random. Less like an autobiography and more like a collection of unrelated anecdotes. It definitely shed some more light on the inner workings of Mindy's mind which gives me greater insight into her other works (namely her TV show).

Reading this felt like hanging out with a close friend. It made me laugh, it made me think about things from a perspective that I hadn't necessarily considered before, and it reassured me that I'm not the complete and total loser that I sometimes feel like. So all in all, a very positive experience. But it was by no means transcendent.

Still, I highly recommend it for a rainy Sunday!
candida.pandrade said Apr 05, 2014 21:54:48
I enjoyed this quirky and amusing book. Her writing style is conversational, a bit bloggy style, but quite entertaining.
Her look at a childhood from a family of immigrated professionals shows how well she blended her uniqueness with good humor to follow her goals and keep going.
Mindy's observations on romance, friendship and her experience in the entertainment world make a good read, and she makes us laugh on many issues, including her own issues of self esteem, insecurities and obsessions with shopping and junk food.
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